Friday, November 5, 2010

School Pictures 2010

We did not receive Hannah's pictures (as far as we know, Hannah may be hiding them from us) but I wanted to post what we do have.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Isaac in Noes Fiolet's "Second Time"

Our Soon-to-be Home

We received a copy of our final plans a few days ago. The hole should be dug in the next couple weeks and should be ready to move in to sometime in January. Here are some pictures of the Front, Sides and Rear elevations as well as floorplans. You can click on any picture to view it larger.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer Vacation - 2010

The kids on Temple Square.

For some reason, they were intrigued by all the water fountains.

All of the Pecks that came to the Peck Family Reunion...too many to name:)

The kids had a good time on the bouncy toy even though it was extremely hot.

Welcome to Timpanogos Caves!

Here we all are with our funny guide.

Love this picture! Isaac, Hannah, Abby, and Alex.

All 19 of us on the way down.

The kids at the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point.

I think they were trying to be dinosaurs or something...

The hike to Stewart Falls...Uncle David and his little troop of hikers...Ariel (don't think I spelled that right), Isaac, Abby, Alex, and Luke.

Nice COLD water, huh, Hannah?


Look at those dirty kids!

Lagoon Day

Maddy and Abby on the best ride ever!

Alex, Maddy, and Abby in the background.

Cascade Springs

Two handsome boys...Luke and Alex.

Pit stop with Grandpa Peck.

Miller Family Reunion

Here we are looking at a picture of all the Miller grandkids...oh, the memories!

Before church...4 point chilling in the shade at the church in John Day. I am not sure what he thought of all the attention, though.

After Church...future converts, maybe:)

Riding the little motorcycle at the Henry compound...Isaac.



Hannah, before the we not have any candid after shots...I guess she got lucky.

Alex, before the accident...

...and after. I am not sure why a boy who can barely ride a bike was put on a motorcycle, but what do I know. I am just the mom.

Hannah on the horse. She was so happy to not get bucked off this time!

Grandpa Henry and Isaac.

Abby and G-pa.

Alex and G-pa.

All the little cowboys lined up on the fence. Abby, Tyler and Isaac. Check out our tent village in the background.

The 'warriors' and 'hunters' at Henrypalooza.

The management:)

The 'warriors' and 'hunters' on break.

Look at all those Henry Grandkids! Tallest to Shortest, kind of.

Thoughtful Alex.